Saturday, June 13, 2009

In a Plane

In a Plane


Sometimes flying makes me nervous. I
know airplanes are safe, but still I worry. Give
me your peace, God, and help me remember that
you are watching over this plane every moment it is
aloft. Bless the men and women in the cockpit. Bless
the flight attendants and all the passengers. Keep
your hands on the intricate workings of the engines
and all other parts of this plane. Remind me that
flight is a miraculous gift from you, and that when
this plane speeds through the air it is obeying the
physical laws of the world you created. As I look at
the sky above and the earth below, I praise you for
the beauty of your creation. I place myself confidently
in your care, knowing that, just as you guide me on
the ground, so your loving arms protect me in the air.

- Amen

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